Death is part of life. At some level, you know that and we all know that, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been given the tools to cope with the death of a loved one. 

As an adult, you feel like you should be able to deal with the death of a parent, a friend, a partner, or, heaven forbid, the death of a child. In truth, there is no manual. Your faith and your family can help to hold you, but it’s so common to find yourself lost in grief. 

You long for their presence. You worry about all that was left unsaid. You have trouble imaging a life without them in it.

Grief Mapping helps you heal 

To find a way to continue living your own life, you need a way to consciously honor the person you lost. 

It’s important that you allow yourself to engage in “healthy” mourning (yes, mourning is necessary and beautiful and there are ways to do it that truly serve you). And, it’s important to create a personal memorial that you can go to when you want to connect to their spirit.

Grief Mapping is a way to engage fully with your own healing process. When you create the map, you have a chance to sit with pictures and images that make you feel close to them. And the finished product is an ongoing source of comfort to you in your grief.

Grief Mapping helps you 
connect with the person you’ve lost

It’s so important to pause and give yourself the chance to sit with the stories and the little things you might have forgotten.

From my experience, I find that creating a Grief Map gives you a chance to recover old memories that you’d never have thought of otherwise. I believe that these insights are direct messages from “the other side.” They come through during Grief Mapping because it really is possible to enter into a co-creative space with those who are no longer on this earth in their physical form. The love you shared still endures, and this process gives you a way to access everything they taught you.

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