When I was growing up,

I had “white picket fence” dreams. A kind, strong man and I would have a little family and a wonderful home and we’d feel so happy and safe all the time.

This is a pretty typical dream, especially for a child like me who, at age five, had to start learning how to take care of herself because she lived in a house full of drinking, drugs, and violence.

Not so many years later, I found myself in a life that looked something like that little girl’s fantasy...

I’m married, I’m home raising my first daughter, and I’m watching an episode of Oprah. They’re talking about making a Vision Map - though back then in the 90s they might have called it a “dream board.” While my baby naps, I pull out the scissors and glue and start to experiment. It feels so good to create something that reflects the real me.

When my husband gets home, I show him what I’d made and he says something like, “That’s nice.” I put the page away and I kept on being a wife and mom.

Learning the difference 
between a dream 
and vision

A few short years later, I realized that my picket fence dream wasn’t going to last a lifetime. My two small children and I would leave that house with little more than the clothes on our back. 

It was devastating. I’d worked so hard to create that perfect life for my kids and protect them from divorce and all of its disruptions. But I was strong and I had a vision that was much more powerful than my old fantasies. Drawing on the self-reliance that got me through my own childhood and blessed by what I can only describe as divine intervention, I found a corporate job and created a good life for us.
Fast forward through the years, and now you’ll find me a mother to three, living a new life.. I’ve long since left that stressful career behind and I dedicate myself fully to faith, family, and helping my beloved clients find their way through vision mapping and life coaching. I have my struggles, as everyone does, but I can tell you that every day is inspired by my quest for clarity and allowing my heart to lead me toward my own divine truth. 

What gets in the way of making a vision a reality?

I’m much more content than I used to be, but I need to tell you: turning your soul’s vision into reality is a lifelong process. 

Through a frightening childhood, the sorrow of divorce, and the challenges of being a single mom, I had developed a suit of armor. 

It protected me so that none of my past hurts or day-to-day worries would hold me back, but it also isolated me. I prided myself on my resilience and my self-reliance. 

Unfortunately, my super powers also meant that I couldn’t ask for help, I couldn’t feel my feelings, and I couldn’t figure out what I really needed to be happy. These old habits have caused problems in my relationships and they’ve kept me from making deep connections.

A combination of prayer, my training to be become a coach, and my personal Vision Mapping practice helped me understand I was hiding some of the best parts of myself from the world. 

I needed to change. I had to allow myself to drop the armor so I could truly love and be loved. I needed to be willing to show my vulnerability. I needed to accept support from others so that I could truly support my own clients.
Getting real and 
getting vulnerable 
is the key
Vulnerability is essential to growth. Being vulnerable is about about being willing to look inside yourself and then being brave enough to show others who you are and what really matters to you.

It’s not easy, but based on what I’ve learned about daring to be real about who I am, what I’ve been through, and what I envision for my own life, I can promise you it’s so worth it. 

I’m here to teach you how to trust 
the wise voice within so you can find 
your way to clarity and joy.

When you stop trying to be perfect and quit trying to please everyone, amazing things begin to happen. When you release your fear of making a mistake, you can make magic.

The process I teach you is the process that has changed my life. It will enable you to see yourself and express yourself as you never have before. Vision Mapping is what helped me move out of fear and empty dreams and into a reality that is full of safety and love. It’s what helped me connect with divine truth, cope with grief, and create a business that changes lives. 
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