You feel like you should be able to see it. You tell yourself that you ought to be smart enough to find it. You’ve just got to push through and keep smiling like people expect you to.

Shoulda. Oughtta. Gotta. 

Let’s stop right there.
Limiting ideas like these have been curbing your creativity, diminishing your dreams, and draining your joy for years.

It’s time to replace the words that limit you with words that make you come alive. It’s time to find a whole new way to make your vision a reality.

For much too long, you’ve pushed your own happiness and your own hopes out of the picture. 

In trying to please everyone and make everything just right, you’ve lost track of your divine truth.

You’re invited

to connect to your passion and intuition and see your life in a whole new way. 
You’re invited to find what’s really missing. (it’s not the dream house or the perfect body.)
You’re invited to walk a path that’s inspired by your desires and your soul’s mission, not just expectation and routine. 

Hi, I’m Michelle Dawnn,

Life Coach and Guide for Visionaries like you who want to walk a new path towards true happiness and fulfillment. 

I can help you “get unstuck” when it comes to everyday matters and also help you recognize your greater purpose. My unique Vision Mapping process and the intuitive coaching that supports it will help you you find deeper meaning in your own masterpiece - your one precious life. I also offer a unique service called Grief Mapping that helps you heal and connect with a lost loved one.

It can be hard to ask for help, I know that. After all, you feel like you’re someone who is supposed to have it all together. (“Supposed to” is another of those limiting phrases!). It’s my mission to offer you compassionate support and unbiased, loving truth so you can see what’s holding you back and begin to transform your own life. 

I’m here to help you find your way as you take the next right step on your journey.  

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