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You have purpose and were born with intuitive wisdom that holds the key to your future. Subconsciously, you know your life has a deeper meaning beyond the activities of your daily routine. The question is: Are you living a life that truly honors your purpose?

  • Do you feel you are living a fulfilled life guided by divine intention?
  • Do you have the abundance and success you dream about and crave?
  • Do you wake up excited knowing you have the life you’ve always imagined?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may be feeling uncertain & lost about the direction of your life. The main setback to living a life of purpose is the negative self-talk and judgment that holds you back from what truly serves you. With my help, you can overcome these limitations.

The truth is that we all lose our way at one point or another. The highway of life has many twists and turns, sometimes leading you in the wrong direction. So how do you tap into your inner brilliance and honor the life YOU are meant to live?

I believe a clear vision is the catalyst to get you back on track and keep you on your divine path. After 10 years of vision mapping experience, I've found a way to bring your life into full focus...right before your eyes!

I use Vision Mapping and Coaching Sessions to guide you through a simple process that allows you to create positive changes in your life and achieve balance between your personal and professional growth. The first step in the process uses a unique method of crafting a vision map and having it expertly interpreted by me so you can recognize what’s most important to you.

Coaching Sessions are then recommended to address the core challenges you’re facing and an action plan is developed to hold you accountable in achieving each goal you set for yourself.

Join me on a journey of self-exploration that will transform your life and give you an optimistic view of your future.  Visit my Services page to learn more or Contact Me to schedule a time to talk.

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Me Dad 1975Two weeks ago, my dad lost his 6 month battle with Stage IV Colon Cancer. No matter how prepared you “think” you are, the loss of a parent is heartbreaking. Growing up my dad was this vibrant, physically fit man who was invincible in my eyes. Yet as I watched him slowly wither away, he became unrecognizable. Frail, irritated (well he was always irritated), stubborn (that’s in the blood line), basically not the person I once knew him to be. His illness came like a thief in the night and was too aggressive even for someone in good health to face.


Vicki Gunvalson BlogMy daughter and I recently attended the Southern Women’s Show and met Vicki Gunvalson from the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOOC). Originally, I wasn’t expecting too much since TV celebrities I’ve met in the past haven’t exactly wowed me. In watching RHOOC for many years, Vicki is portrayed as an independently successful & feisty woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, knows how to party and can be a little coo coo crazy if pushed to the edge. Nevertheless, I was intrigued to meet the woman behind the gates of the OC.

The show opened with Vicki sharing her success story and offering some heartfelt advice to women and business owners like myself. She literally started from the bottom up to create a life she loves. More importantly she knew early on in her career that helping others is her passion. Running a successful insurance agency, she not only helps families create solid financial plans but equally builds lasting relationships with her clients. A practice many entrepreneurs miss the mark on.

She went on to share the personal struggles she’s overcome being a working mom/wife coupled with the challenging role as one of the “Real Housewives”. Imagine juggling all those hats and being put on display for the world to see OR maybe you’re thinking she’s got it made and has everything going for her… money, fame, power… basically all the tools to live a fairytale life right???... Wrong!

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As I listened to her stories, it occurred to me that Vicki is just as “Real” as the rest of us. She had an everyday life, with everyday problems before being thrown into the spotlight. What you see IS what you get with this lady despite the scripted storylines and twisted editing. She doesn’t try to be someone she’s not which is very refreshing and quite honestly part of her charm.

Originally, I didn’t plan on buying Vicki’s new book or staying for the signing after the show yet I found myself eagerly jumping in line to meet Ms. Woo Hoo up close and personal.  Again, I wasn’t expecting anything above & beyond the other wham bam meet & greets I’ve been to. You know the standard welcome, friendly handshake, chicken scratch signature you can barely read and a celebrity picture that screams “hurry up I’ve got a plane to catch”!

To my pleasant surprise, Vicki was extremely generous with her time. She didn’t rush us along like a piece of cattle. There was sincerity in her voice as she thanked us for coming & the same respect was given to each person that followed. She looked me in the eyes as she answered my business questions and strongly encouraged me to get my name out there. I even slipped her my business card & suggested coming out to California to help her straighten out those "other" housewives lol (can’t knock a girlfor trying)!

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The opportunity to personally connect with Vicki was an honor. She gave sound advice to her audience and warmly embraced those who patiently waited in line to see her. Don’t let the media fool you, this woman has a heart of gold! I was impressed beyond words by her vulnerability & willingness to share such raw emotion about the obstacles she’s faced throughout her journey. She’s my kind of gal because she makes NO apologies for who she is… like her or not.

20141016 141636 1024x768

The most interesting take away for me was learning that Vicki’s actually the one who came up with the show’s title “The Real Housewives”. She ruled out being a “Desperate Housewife” then instantly thought “I’m a REAL Housewife” and I believe that’s the overall message she wanted to convey.

Reality TV has become such a popular viewing choice for most. Maybe it’s because we crave the human interaction we lack in our daily lives. Technology is the new wave of communication rather than sitting down with someone face-to-face. Kind of sad really… but oddly enough taking a glimpse into such intimate details of people’s lives fills the void and gives us a warped sense of community. Funny how the drama captivates us so much that we can’t look away.

Will I keep watching RHOOC? Yea, probably lol I’m typically yelling at these ladies when their on-screen shit hits the fan because secretly I know they need (my) help to truly face reality. I have to admit it's been pretty cool meeting not one but two housewives so far because it makes the show a little more fun to watch (I met Bethenny Frankel 5 years ago). Whether you’re a fan or not, remember that the persona often hides someone’s true identity. Learn to suppress your judgment until you really get to know a person for who they are. Start building authentic relationships with people you meet rather than filling up your rolodex with useless contacts. 

I define being REAL as letting your guard down and showing someone the heart of who you are. You’ll connect with people on a much deeper level when you take time to listen and fully engage with them. Have the courage to open up and unleash your true colors because that’s what makes you relatable. Equally, accept people for who they are… flaws and all. You may not like everyone you meet but focus on taking something positive away from your experience with them. I felt empowered, heard and supported in Vicki’s presence which left a lasting impression and for me, it doesn’t get more REAL than that!

“Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the REAL you.” ~Unknown




196A couple of years ago my husband and I were in a life-changing accident. We were headed to church when it began to drizzle ever so slightly. As we approached the highway’s on-ramp I had a gut wrenching feeling that we should turn around. Instead of verbalizing this, I ignored my instincts and kept reading my Sunday paper. Less than 5 minutes down the road our truck began hydroplaning at 60 mph. I peered at my husband with fearful eyes knowing we were in trouble. He calmly said, “It’s okay…we’re gonna be okay”.

The normal flow of traffic on this busy four-lane highway often exceeds 75 mph or more. On this morning, we just happened to be the only car in sight as we headed into a tailspin. My husband turned into the spin while attempting to control the wheel the best he could. I screamed in horror unsure of our fate and the well-being of our two-year old in the back seat. It’s true what they say… your whole life flashes before your eyes. I had no control of making the truck stop or the end result. By the grace of God, we eventually veered into the right shoulder instead of going the opposite way into the guard rail. I can’t recall how many times we spun because it was like watching my life in slow motion. What finally stopped us was the concrete culvert that ripped off the truck’s axel. I was so worried about my son that when I looked back realizing he was okay, I burst into tears.


Generous w/ TimeWhile watching my son's basketball game last week, I noticed a boy who had just finished playing and was sitting on the bleachers waiting to be picked up. Moments later a professional looking dad walked in with a little girl in a sparkly princess dress. The dad spotted his son and quickly rushed over to greet him. As the son stood up, the dad eagerly asked "how was the game?" to which the son replied "we won and I had the winning point!" Without hesitation, the dad, who was a few inches shorter than his son, reached up, grabbed his son's face, looked him right in the eyes and said "that's FANTASTIC!! Way to Go!!" This father was gleaming with radiant joy like I had never seen! He held his son in a warm embrace, patted him on the back and said "I'm so proud of you!" I could sense how much those words meant to the son even though his dad didn't see his amazing slam dunk in person! Nothing else mattered in that moment except praising his son for a game well played and sharing in his victory.

It was a loving Kodak moment I silently witnessed with great joy in my heart. As I sat there smiling to myself, it reminded me of how being in the moment and giving someone your undivided attention is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. I'm guilty of getting wrapped up in my busy life, barley having a free moment to myself by the end of the week. You put yourself on "autopilot" trying to multi-task everything you need to get done only to realize there aren't enough hours in one day. I'm here to tell you how important it is to STOP and smell the roses my friend.


Matches Dreams

School is back in session and the lazy days of summer are almost over! As fall approaches, think of this season as a new beginning. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far and what you still want to cross off your 2013 list. By this time you may have forgotten what goals you set for yourself at the start of the year or maybe you’ve resorted to making excuses as to why you haven’t successfully completed them.

Do any of these resonate with you? I’m even guilty of a few of these…


ID-10050727Do you feel like life often gets so busy that you forget to take time for yourself?  As summer comes to an end & school starts back, hectic schedules will take priority over your own needs leaving you stressed and burnt out! Self-care is a key ingredient to maintaining a healthier lifestyle and making you more productive in accomplishing daily tasks. Challenge yourself to reserve 30-minutes a day for an activity that brings YOU joy. Your time is what you make of it so be creative in fitting it in where you can. Try waking up a little earlier, working it into your lunch break, waiting until the kids go to bed, committing to the same time each day, etc. Take control of squeezing in enjoyable and uninterrupted breaks. More importantly, since this is a guilt-free challenge, remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you make this adjustment… even if you miss a day.