What do you see when you look at your life?

It’s my hope that you see people who love you and whom you can rely on, work that fulfills you, and a world that fills you with wonder.

But, maybe you also see strained relationships, a job that seems to be going nowhere, and a lot of stress as you try to keep it all going. Maybe you see the same old routine spread out before you without any real bright spots on the horizon.

Look deeper. What else is there, waiting to be discovered?

You might see the dreams that have been lost in the shuffle as you take care of everyone else. You might see secret passions that you have no idea how to describe. And, there are probably certain snapshots from your own past that you just wish you could unsee.

All of these images - the happy ones, the challenging ones, and those you’ve been keeping to yourself for so long - these are the very images that make up who you are.

Vision Mapping helps you see yourself 
and grow into your future

You need to get to know yourself before you can figure out what you want. Vision Mapping is the perfect way to pause, gather insights into who you are, and get inspired about what’s really possible for you.

Perhaps you’re familiar with dream boards. If you’re imagining pulling out a poster board and some magazines, scissors, and glue, you’re on the right track, but my Vision Mapping process takes you so much deeper. 

Instead of putting together a collage of cool stuff you want, Vision Mapping is an invitation to look within and face the truth of your own soul.


I know that Vision Mapping can help anyone get clarity and create their best life, but it’s really important that we’re sure this process is the best choice for you right now. Let’s set up a free 20-minute discovery call so you’ll understand the process and I can learn a bit more about your story.

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Once you decide Vision Mapping is for you,

you’ll be given a week to assemble everything you need (piece of full size poster board, your favorite magazines, scissors and a washable glue stick) and invited to set aside some time to tap into your creativity and curiosity. 

Then, you’ll send me pictures of your map and we’ll set up our follow-up phone session. I’ll answer any questions you may have. During the call, you’ll receive an intuitive reading of the map that will help you assess your own inner wisdom. Expect me to help you uncover: 

  • where you are today
  • what you desire most
  • what drives and motivates you
  • how you express your life’s purpose

Yes, you’ll understand your own goals and dreams in a fresh way. And more importantly, you’ll gain insight into where you are right now and understand how to follow a one-of-a-kind map of your inner world that’s designed to help you fulfill your life’s mission.

Vision Mapping Session: $125 

Book your free 20-minute consultation NOW to discover if this process is right for you.
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Often, the Vision Mapping Session is the first step in the journey. As a Certified Life Coach I can help you take the insights revealed in your map and create a definite plan to make your vision a reality. Learn more.

Group sessions are also available in person ONLY. 
Contact me directly for details. 

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